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Definition of Personal Accident Insurance (Personal Accident) is an insurance that provides compensation to the risk of death, total disability, and medical expenses caused by risks that come suddenly or unexpectedly. The benefit of personal accident insurance is to provide a sense of security for the family in case of accident risk and ease the financial burden.

Various guarantees are offered by this insurance. Good guarantees when you are at work or not at work, working, driving or traveling, resting and so on for 24 (twenty four) hours. This insurance is designed to provide compensation for the risks of death, disability and the impact of financial loss arising from the cost of medical care or hospitalization due to an accident that the insured suffered, both due to traffic accidents and accidents.

With the application of Accident Insurance, you will get many benefits for your protection and safety in performing daily activities.

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The definition of accidents is an event or event that contains elements of violence both physically and chemically to the self, where the incident comes from outside the self, suddenly unwanted and unplanned, resulting in injuries / storms where the place and nature can be determined medically / medical.

Each personal accident insurance uses a reference to the definition of the accident. Therefore, personal accident insurance can guarantee you while you are in the activity or not being engaged, for example being working, driving or on the way, resting and so on for 24 (twenty four) hours and apply anywhere around the world.

Due to the protection and guarantees provided, and may be incurred at all locations of the incident, self-injury insurance covers a wider range of coverage than a traffic accident or accident insurance. The definition of occupational accidents including occupational diseases is a risk that must be faced by the workforce in doing its work.

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